I will not dance

July | 2016
Medium: 3D Scanner, VX Element, Maya, CNC Router, Wood, Glue

“If you continue north for three days, there is a mountain filled with jade. There lives the One Language God named Un. He had two legs, four wings, and a face without a mouth. He enjoyed dancing and could sing with his body. Un had two friends named Power and History, who decided one day to give him a present in appreciation for his friendship. Power and History gave Un a mouth, teeth, and tongue. He immediately died.”

After writing a short fictional fable about a mythical language god named Un, the artist created a human-owl hybrid digital sculpture. The sculpture is displayed with artifacts with historicity and legitimacy, which dissolves the question of real or fake, thus, empowering the fictional folklore written by the artist to be experienced as fact. Simultaneously the artist attempts to rewrite and rebuild history the way she would like to share it with the audience. The piece investigates history, the interplay of power, and their connectedness to language.

loan from the Burke Museum

3D Scanning and Modeling Images

3D scan of an owl skull, female head, and a male torso

3D Modeling Process
DXARTS, Jacob Lawrence Gallery, Burke Museum
Special thanks to Kenneth Temiyasathit and Jimmy Johnson