A Tribute to The Machine

Dec | 2015
3D Print, Video, Custom-milled gears, paper

A Tribute to The Machine is an installation piece consisting of a video and three artifacts: a 3D printed object, custom-built gears, and a piece of torn paper. The video was created using a collection of Youtube videos as well as artist-made interviews, images, and a narration by a professional voice actor. The spatial arrangement of the objects and the video mimic a traveling exhibition at a museum display.

The installation is the documentation of a fictional story of missing pages from In the Penal Colony written by Franz Kafka. In the Penal Colony discusses the fluidity and potential ever-shifting “value” and “power” of old and new through the story of a torturing machine. The very detailed story, the arguably authentic missing pages with Kafka’s own handwriting, a video documentary that includes an interview with a researcher at the Kafka Research Center, and the key object described in the missing pages, situated in an institutional setting valorize the plausibility and credibility of the story, while questioning the value and meaning we, as a collective, place on our culture.