The Dialectics of a Machine

Oct | 2017
4 Channel Video
Duration:10 minutes 30 seconds

Have you ever felt like your speech hindered you from interacting with other people?
What if there is a machine that will remove the speech problem?

The Dialectics of a Machine is a four channel video piece that consists of speech therapy sessions of people with various speech problems from a throat surgery to speaking English as a second language. People go through various speech and bodily exercises designed by a professional Speech Pathologist to reduce their impediments. When they are introduced to a fictional machine that would remove their speech problems, their honest response reveal their intricate personal stories relevant to identity and power. The piece explores the potential of technology to question our social expectations, systems, their functions, and worth of them.

Approx. 3 minute video except
DXARTS, University of Washington Speech and Hearing Clinic
Cinematography by Adam Hogan
Special thanks to Yumi Sumida C.C.C./S.L.P., M.F.A. and Kenneth Temiyasathit