Inflection, Cadence, Rhythm, Pain

Real-time Sound Performance with Kinetic Sculpture

May | 2015

Inflection, Cadence, Rhythm, Pain is a performance piece that studies vocal behaviour through vocal gestures and inflections in order to discuss the pain associated with spoken language. Using a custom-made contact microphone and a Lavalier microphone, it captures the sound coming from the throat as well as the mouth, processes the sound in real-time using Supercollider and plays them spatially through 4 speakers. The kinetic sculpture moves back and forth like a metronome with irregular speed and intervals while turning on and off a light bulb. Influenced by Luciano Berio's Visage, the piece uses swallowing sounds, unarticulated sounds, speaking with the mouth closed, disordered speech and inflections derived from various languages to achieve a musical equivalent of a spoken language while expressing the difficulty of the performance of speaking.

Supercollider programming for a real-time performance