2012 | Collaborated with Kyle Mcdonald


Video #1 (Bbijook | Bbejook)

This piece explores synesthetic connections between language and shapes through generative sculptures based on gestures that represent the participants’ interpretation of particular sounds. The gestures were captured using Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect, interpreted with openFrameworks and printed with rapid prototyping machine.

Video #2 (Bogle | Bbogle)

Video #3 still image (Bingle | Bengle)

Generative sculpture printed with 3D printer

Generative sculpture process images

Extract the relevant hand gestures as point clouds.

Make meshes out of the point clouds in openFrameworks, load them into Rhino for clean up and rendering.

Images generated by Kyle Mcdonald


The vowel was changed from /i/ to /e/.
Pronounced /bbijook/ Pronounced /bbejook/
The consonant became a harder sound.
Pronounced /bogle/ Pronounced /bbogle/